Saturday, September 20, 2008

Excess Baggage

A disturbing fact came to my attention while browsing through the business section of the Irish Times last week. It seems that the nice folk who put bags on planes for Aer Lingus get paid... wait for it... Seventy thousand euro...

I understand that having your bags reach the intended destination is fairly important, but I would imagine that the act of "baggage handling" is not so complex or taxing as to deserve such a ridiculously high salary.

and now that Aer Lingus have decided its time to cut costs in the interest of long term existence, the nice baggage handlers have decided to kick up an Almighty fuss, with talk of strikes etc.

The news of Alitalias financial woes shocked many, but like Aer Lingus it is that fact that mismanagement under state ownership has brought about ridiculous situations like baggage handlers on 70k.

in other news, I have began to practice moving heavy bags around my house, soon I will have a valuable qualification!

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