Thursday, September 25, 2008

Make sure it works

Alot of companies (esp pharma companies) like to give away pens, post-its, notepads and other branded items so that you recall their products and brand. This is all well and good, and I'm sure it is reasonably effective, however... if the item you are giving away doesn't work properly then this creates a rather shoddy image of the brand in question.

I bring this up because recently I was subject to such an incident. While staying at a well known Hotel in Galway (which by the way has nothing to do with the Radisson Galway that is pictured above) I decided to take a pen, as I knew I would be needing one later that day while interviewing pharmacists. Later that afternoon I took out my hotel pen, clicked on the top of it and... disaster. The front of the pen ejected off in an extremely comical fashion launching bit of plastic and a spring all over the shop floor of a local chemist... needless to say they weren't impressed... neither was I...

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