Monday, April 14, 2008

Sleepless in Seattle

(Me, the team and our ambassador Tina)
Well I'm finally back after my somewhat epic journey to the continent of North America, and I am very tired indeed.
We didn't win the competition in the end but definitely put in a strong performance.
Lessons learnt while there...

  1. It REALLY is the taking part that counts not the winning, some of the teams decided to lock themselves away for the duration of the competition and maintain a policy of no communicado with the rest of the participants. The best part of these competitions is enjoying being in a new place and meeting new people. If you come to the competition only to win, and you lose, then the competition was a complete waste. If you wanted to win, tried hard, but also had a great time then the whole trip was a brilliant success, so by that logic.... I won the competition...

  2. People need sleep, and with that I must sleep for the next 4 days
This was a view to be had on campus in University of Washington


Dumuro said...

See Please Here

barra said...

f**k you dumuro! I hate crap like that. i was thinking to myself that it might be spyware but then i gave him the benefit of the doubt. bastard.

Anyway, sounds like u ha fun....too much fun. do tell..more than u have.