Sunday, March 30, 2008

Allowed - Not Allowed

Women only gyms
Flying with 25kg of excess fat around your body

Not Allowed
Men only golf courses
Checking in bags with a few extra kgs in it


Rowan Manahan said...

Excellent points Ed - I always find it a little odd that the airline doesn't weight my whole family plus baggage and calculate our costs on that basis.

Plus I find that graffiti you see in lifts very objectionable - you know the stuff: "Max capacity 10 persons or 800kg."

Very mean-spirited I say.

jedimasterbooboo said...

Laughing at this! Although, come to think of it...I don't know why. I guess because it's absurd.

Men should never be allowed to congregate anywhere for any purpose to the exclusion of any others, and every world problem ever- excepting the original one, can likely be attributed to men in groups. Only when they are naked should they be alone...or ...wait no. I mean yes. This madness of massing men must be checked by any means possible.

Conversely, keeping women in groups to the exclusion of the other sex can only better mankind as a whole and keep us safe from the wolves, predators and mass murderers that men are. These truths are completely self-evident.

And as for fat people...don't go there honey...unless we're talking about large groups of exclusionary fat men, and then what could be worse?

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