Thursday, March 13, 2008

Google Madness 2

I do love to look through my sitemeter account every so often and look at the traffic that Google sends me from searches. I especially like when they seem to give me an absurdly high ranking on very popular searches. My favorites from the last week are:

Ford Pinto - 8th of 142,000
For what I wrote about the "barbeque that seats four"

Aer Lingus Marketing - 10th of 461,000
For my views on the lack of strategic vision at the company

Lunch is for wimps - 5th of 370,000
For what I said about Gordon Gecko-esque attitudes towards the lunch break

And last but not least...

Good vs Bad - 12th of 14,300,000 !!!!
For what I had to say about good lecturers vs bad ones

1 comment:

jedimasterbooboo said...

Good show! Someone googled "mormon weinermobile" and my blog came up. I actually have a few funny ones.