Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Case Study v2.0 the Vancouver/Seattle Connection

So this April will see my return across the (large) pond to the US for another case study competition, this time in Seattle. I have the feeling that its going to be pretty damn good, and the fact that the competition is sponsored in part by everyones favorite Seattle-based coffee chain, Starbucks, is a good start.

On April 4th we will be arriving in Vancouver for a spot of pre-competition relaxation. Most of my friends (damn you all and your FUN time) went there last summer while I toiled away at work, and I have heard nothing but good reviews. Judging by the pic on the left its a pretty nice place!

Then on the 7th we will be heading down the the Michael Foster school of business to take care of business (competition). On my list of things to see in Seattle, all I can think of is the "Space needle" see pic, and of course Starbucks numero uno in Pike Place market.
If you have ever been to either city please do let me know where are the best places to go!

I am a big fan of Google Earth, and one of the things that amazes me most about the trip will be the distance I will be covering. I mapped out the route I will be taking there and back, and according to the good folks at Google it will be just a slight shade under 11,000 miles... thats some distance... Take that O-Zone layer

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