Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tall Irish man visits Starbucks, is happy

While I was in my travels to Seattle I decided that I should call down by the first ever Starbucks, everyones favorite coffee chain. (yep thats me out side it)

It was pretty cool to see where the whole thing started off all those years ago, and the original shop is a distinctly modest affair located at Pike Place market in downtown Seattle. Starbucks were launching their new "Pike place blend" that day so I got me a teeny tiny free cup of the stuff, but of course proceeded to buy a large coffee anyway (damn caffeine addiction).

Two Starbucks facts that you might not have known:

  1. The logo that you see on every street corner today is quite a bit different from the the one that hung above the door from day one. The pic to the right shows the original logo in its full former glory.
  2. The growth rate of Starbucks has been what I like to describe in technical terms as "rediculous". I made this nice graph for our case presentation (also on Starbucks) to illustrate the levels of growth... crazy


Dave K said...

You failed to mention how they are systematically destroying locally owned coffee houses, exploiting workers and and being general corporate assholes. Otherwise a good entry.

PS I updated me blog.

Dave K said...


ed said...

People vote with their wallets Davey, If they like the coffee they get at starbucks they will buy it there, if not they will go to the locally owned places. What should happen? all locally owned places get subsidies to improve their offering? get protected by the government? they best product in the eyes of the consumer (whether the best in reality or not) wins out... deal with it?