Saturday, July 25, 2009

Irish rail - On track

I know its all the rage these days to be critical of all things state run in Ireland, especially supposed shortcomings in transport.

But I must say that I think some very impressive changes have taken place in terms of inter city transport, that cannot be ignored. Recently I took an Irish Rail train down to "the Kingdom" of Kerry, and to be honest I was rather surprised at how nice the whole experience is...
Gone are the days of the hulking orange trains with seats as comfortable as granite, now Irish Rail boast of fleet of pretty damn modern and comfortable trains which offer a pretty comfy ride.
The trains are also fairly nippy and as an added bonus the seemingly run ON TIME!

If you would like to see a contrast to this take a little trip over to the US of A and have a peek at their equivalent "Amtrak", the trains are outdated and rickety, as slow as push bikes and furthermore judging by the constant swaying and bumping of the carriages they haven't even lay the tracks down properly.

So I think we should all give Irish Rail a round of applause... I know I will *starts clapping*

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alistair said...

Haha, that picture perfectly sums up that way infrastructure is handled in Ireland. Brand new fancy trains running on a track being held up by a wooden pallet.