Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Graphing it up

My poor eyes have been subjected to a number of horrific graphs over the past few days, and I genuinely fear that they may never recover.

The Sunday Times produced a graph trying to explain to people how much food is being thrown away in the UK, however the graph was fantastically pointless and hard to understand as it's creator had the great idea of trying to depict numbers of - potatoes, loafs of bread etc - on the same scale as tons of others things... needless to say it looked fairly stupid and made little to no sense.

There have been others too, but the one below has been my favorite as it brought a little cheer to my day. Take a look for yourself (I know its small) and marvel at how

1. the colours are AWFUL
2. the graphs are blatantly too small
3. The fact that the figures have NOTHING to do with the corresponding bars in the back (esp on the top graph)
4. The fact that this was part of a promotional piece trying to sell something.

Poor show, thats all I have to say.

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