Sunday, June 3, 2007

Freddo Facts

Five fantastically fun facts about the greatest chocolate bar to grace our shelves

  1. Invented/Born in 1930
  2. Brainchild of Harry Melbourne pictured above
  3. Freddo is available in Australia in a wide variety of flavours, including strawberry, peppermint and "Rainbow crunch"
  4. An Incredible 98 million Freddo frogs are sold in the land down under every year
  5. When Mr. Melbourne died last January, his coffin was draped with a Freddo frog flag


John Doyle said...

Aye, tis true.

Freddo is huge over here. But you know what, Australia have fucked up on Chomp bars and they taste like a Double Decker/Twix thing. Woe is me.

And they don't have Taz bars at all. They have Caramello Koala instead, I think it's pretty odd since Tasmania is part of Aus so it would make sense to have Taz bars.

This is just making me hungry now, but I thought I'd chuck in a comment anyways!

Barra said...

damn straight, freddo bars are the best. im not a fan of mixing up the flavours, the plain choc one is my favourite one. animal bars are also pretty good, but freddo still comes out on top!

lol, fuckin up the chomp flavour. havent seen a taz bar in a long while.

ed said...

as far as wikipedia informs me, taz was phased out and just turned into freddo caramel!

Champagne said...

Tasmania bars are the shiznit but i have to admit freddo bars are the compliment to a great evening.

Matt said...

australian's are desperate fat cunts, they have chains of cake shops, its like dixons except for cakes! and theres numerous ones! but the variety of freddo technology is exciting....