Monday, June 4, 2007

When Steve met Bill

For those of you interested in computing in anyway shape or form, the recent joint interview at the "D: All things digital" between Mr. Apple, Steve Jobs and Mr. Microsoft, Bill Gates provides interesting viewing. Below is a compilation of the highlights form the interview, but the rest can be found on youtube.

I find the differences in personalities between the pioneers to be vast, Gates is a quiet and reserved well...nerd, and Jobs is a great speaker and storyteller, at one stage taking over a story being told by Gates half way, because he wasnt doing it justice.

Quizzed about the relationship between himself and Gates, Jobs recalls the line from a Beatles song

"You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead"


Barra said...

that was cool, however:
the interviewers were soo shit, its like they had no questions prepared. and they kept interrupting with useless shit all the time.
im gonna go search for the whole thing now.
I'm happy that Fake Steve Jobs was mentioned.

ed said...

yeh Barrie your totally right, that was the worst part by far of the whole interview, the fact that the interviewers really didnt seem to know how to interview, or just...anything at all.

Also the amount of bad jokes by all parties was shocking

Barra said...

yeh it was funny when bill was talking about sumthing that amused him, but was totally boring and not funny to everyone else, so only he was laughing.....awkward.
jobs had his share of awkward moments, when he told everyone a metaphor and no-one got it, to add insult to the interview, the woman spurts out a completely irrelevant metaphor and then says "I don't get that one either". She might as well have just said "I'm and idiot".