Monday, June 18, 2007

Coke - I still remember

I remember when I was but a young whippersnapper every summer would bring the Coca-Cola special offer. The offer would be that if you could collect 30 labels off the coke bottles you could redeem a "prize", upon mature reflection this prize tended to be fairly crappy, among them was

1. The Bug - an earpiece radio
2. Sunglasses - that were actually pretty good
3. Coke watches - which were also fairly usable.

The whole initiative really made a bti of a buzz around Coca-cola, and made people buy far more coke than they probably would have considered sane under normal conditions. (also helped create some addicts....*looks in mirror and cries*)

One of the methods I and some of my friends would use was to walk the streets lookig for empty bottles left on the side of the street, and other more daring friends would just walk straight into a shop, take the labels off, and walk straight out! Either way it created a talking point about the brand.

Todays offers on Coke bottles are pathetic in comparison, its all "text in to win" and to be honest, im pretty sure NO-ONE texts in, I DEMAND the reinstate the crappy prizes


Champagne said...

The watch, the clock and the shit radio(bug) agh memories

cork-host said...

to be honest I thought the shades were terrible... the glasses case they came in are still used by me.

And yes I text in. However I've yet to register a for a tune with them.

jedimasterbooboo said...

HEY, we Americans never got that deal! We were just happy to have the coke,and the uplifting sentimaental commercials, "have a coke and a smile", man we're suckers for the captialist machine. I'm so ashamed.