Friday, June 22, 2007

A slow motion

According to the BBC show "working lunch" yesterday was international "slow day", a movement which began with the founding of the "slow food" organisation in protest to the takeover of the trend towards the McDonalds way of fast food.
This theory of slowing down can of course be applied to most aspects of life, no more so than your working life. In a world where people work 60 hour plus weeks in order to "beat the competition" and "lunch is for whimps" Carl Honore offers us three simple tips in order to improve our life by slowing down.

1. Work less - quite a simple concept to get your head around, work less, leave more time for yourself. Done by working smarter rather than harder, and putting quality over quantity

2. Turn it off - as great as technology is, sometimes it can become an over bearing burden and distraction, sometimes using the off button is your best option

3. Have fun - If you are not having fun in what you are doing...DONT DO IT

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