Sunday, January 28, 2007

Stress in the workplace leads to penisectemy

This was in the classy free "metro" paper recently

Doctors' unions in Romania have criticised a decision to make a surgeon pay
£100,000 in damages after he lost his temper and hacked off a patient's penis
during surgery. Surgeon Naum Ciomu, who had been suffering from stress at
the time, had been operating on patient Nelu Radonescu, 36, to correct a
testicular malformation when he suddenly lost his temper. Grabbing a scalpel, he sliced off the penis in front of shocked nursing staff, and then placed it on the operating table where he chopped it into small pieces before storming out of the operating theatre at Bucharest hospital.


John said...

Man, I'm glad this didn't happen to my willy.

Alexander said...

Stress is becoming a more common reason for sick days due to more people working longer hours and taking more on. There are many solutions to stress depending on your circumstance but the main thing is to ask for help, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Having said that however I think this is well I think any male will be crossing his legs.