Sunday, January 28, 2007

MacBook: A thing of beauty is a joy forever. . .

Mac book a thing of beauty is a joy forever.
What do you think is the difference between the two above laptops?
Well, I own one of them whereas I would like to own the other. The above machine is a thing of beauty, which according to the poet John Keats is seemingly going to be a joy forever
Late the other night I sat in my room and gazed in deep concentration at my laptop, it suddenly occurred to me that this hunk of plastic and silicon looked really quite terrible and the software I was running on it was very average and didn’t REALLY seem to be made for use at all. And my brain started asking questions, , why do people let themselves get tricked into thinking that product design of this level is acceptable, and why do people not question the software that they use.
The “Dell latitude” endorsed by ucd looks really quite bad, to be truly honest the machine belongs back about 7 yrs ago as does the entire dell range. I think one of the reasons I was very disappointed with my purchase was that it was UCD that effectively sold me and my colleagues down the river. We were advised in 1st year that these were the “recommended products” so the whole year placed their orders for the model, due to their compu-ignorance and trust in the college, and I think we got jipped.
So why are people willing to accept this mediocrity? Well one could guess the reason is price (a dell laptop starts at circa €500 whereas an apple will start at nearly double that, but for a long term purchase can €1.36 a day (over a year)(€1.37 in a leap year) convince you to buy a product that you don’t really like? I would hope not. I think that in the future people will become less technophobic and adopt a more thorough approach to choosing a computer as opposed to the
"oh dell they are cheap and on the tv, they must be good approach."
My next laptop that I purchase will almost definitely be an Apple, their attention to detail, slick design and general vibe that they consider usability to matter makes me think that as we become less ignorant of windows/dell alternatives, companies like apple, who care about how their products work and are enjoyed will ultimately be the winners


Rowan Manahan said...

Good luck when you enter the cruel corporate world with the. "I simply h-a-v-e to have a Mac: they're so booootiful!" line.

IT people and financial trolls don't seem too concerned with aesthetics when it comes to hardware purchases, in my experience.

The 'total cost of ownership' argument will probably get you further. My wife's Windows XP laptop requires long hours of downloading patches, reinstalling and endless rebooting, whereas my clapped-out, 4 year old Powerbook tootles along quite merrily and securely.

Like the blog a lot - keep up the good work

Kev said...

You should compare Apple and Dell laptops of the same price. You get what you pay for.

Some Dell Laptops have great hardware at low prices. Windows is what brings them down, but you can just switch to Ubuntu. IMO Its easily the best OS and its free.

Standard mac laptops have poor hardware and cost far too much. The only good thing about them is Mac OS.

Kris Ziel said...

compare, you will see that most Apple computers are cheaper or the same price as a Dell or HP, etc. with the same hardware. This isnt really true for Apples entry level computers, they are like less then $200 more then a Dell with the same hadware, but iLife and OS X cover for that, many many times. So if you are looking into buying a nice computer, even if your windows, get a mac and use boot camp, Apple has much better costumer service, and they dot give a F*** if you use windows

Chris said...

Macs do not cost more than PC's. Get that brain washing rhetoric outta your head :

Anonymous said...

@kris ziel

I was talking about low cost laptops.

Also, you have to buy a copy of Windows to dual boot on a Mac. With a Dell its included in the price.

Mac just doesn't have any advantage for me whatsoever.