Friday, January 26, 2007

Life at the Googleplex

Browsing through the pages of Fortune online magazine, I see that google has been awarded the best place to work in the US, it is general consensus that Google are pioneers in re-engineering the work environment taking the maxim "happy workers are hard workers" to the extreme.

The head offices in America are in California in a place called the "googleplex" and boast a host of features to keep those engineers happy and creative, a few of my personal favorites are...

  1. Everyone without exception gets a valet car service when they arrive at work, pretty nifty huh?

  2. Once you get out of your car, and watch it driven away you then enter the building under heated tents, wouldn't want to catch a chill.

  3. For your lunch, free lunch, you can choose from a selection of gourmet food made by the resident chef.

  4. After lunch why not avail of a free body massage, you might need it after your midday volleyball game.

  5. Scooters to get around, curling irons for your hair, toothbrushes, umbrellas and a bidet in the bathroom.... i could go on.

Don't know about you but i think that's a fairly cool place to work, and from their performance i think that it has shown that as loony as they seem, Google seem to have hit the spot with these workplace niceties

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