Friday, January 26, 2007

Purple Cows?

I was browsing the web not so long ago looking for marketing presentations due to my interest in both marketing and the art of the presentation. I came across a gentleman by the name of Seth Godin who was talking on the subject of what he considers to be "broken" or not.
I found his presentation truly fascinating and just generally eye opening, his style is so relaxed and the usage of slides really does add significantly to the message being conveyed.

After doing a little more snooping around, i found more videos on the net that has convinced me that Seth Godin is most probably a representation of a god on earth (along with Guy Kawasaki and ironically enough Richard Dawkins)
So i headed out to Hodges and Figgis to purchase his book "Purple Cow" which i must say achieves near perfection by being both educational and entertaining at the same time a feat achieved by a select few. I'm not fully done as of yet, but i feel that this should really be part of the school curriculum in secondary schools or at least at third level.

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