Sunday, August 19, 2007

A minute of your time?...

I find that walking through the city centre is quite a tough activity, its seems that people do not know how to walk a decent pace, and on a regular basis I get a mild sense of “Walk rage”. My walking problems only get worse with the addition of people wanting “ a minute of your time” to talk to you about various campaigns from charities with an aim of ultimately getting you to sign up for a monthly contribution.
In Ireland, and I presume else where, they have earned the name “Charity Muggers”, and often form a line across busy pedestrian streets so there is NO ESCAPE.

I find this pretty bad on a few counts...

  • It annoys people – I am trying to walk down the street, leave. Me. Alone.
  • If people want to give to charity, let them give to charity. I am sure that more than half of the people that sign up for these payments just do so out of being pressured into it, I think charitable actions should not be forced on people.
  • The tactics they use to get your attention can be quite despicable, for instance they went through a phase of extending their hand to you on the street in an attempt to shake hands with you, I find that peoples reaction was that they felt they had to shake hands or they would be rude, then the Charity mugger had his victim just where he wanted them
  • However what I find most offensive about this is that these people get paid €13 an hour.
    I totally understand that the job is hard and that ultimately they probably bring in a lot more money to the charity than they are paid, but there is just something I find wrong about people making money off charity. Back in my day there was an activity called “volunteering” where you did things out of the goodness in you heart.

I learned after a while that the best plan to combat these people is to totally ignore them, put in the ipod, look straight ahead and then goooooooo.

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