Friday, August 3, 2007

Home and Away

I have been speaking to alot of people recently who have advised me that taking a year or two (or twelve) out before starting work is a really great idea and allows you a little time to ponder about things or on a simple level, just relax and have a bit of a break from the "pressures" of "study" and the actual pressures that work will bring.

One of my workmates Charles is one of these people trying to corupt my poor young mind, for his age he has experienced alooooot of different places and has a pretty impressive (what I would call) "experience CV". He has written about some of his travels here and here, and if you have a few minutes of free time, I suggest you take a look at them at the very least for the entertainment value of some of his stories.

It was beautiful sailing between the islands on a small sailing junk with an old and wise Vietnamese man who knew all about the islands. At least I think he was wise and knew about the islands though I am not sure as he was speaking in Vietnamese, between his shots of moonshine. Not understanding a word I decided to join in with the drinks, being careful not to have a cigarette for a while for fear of exploding

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Barra said...

thats cool, id definitely like to take some time out too, but form not doing anything, i doubt my degree will yeild the results im looking for. id rather do my business ideas while on my "time out"

just posted three news ones on our site.