Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cutting costs (and customers)

I must say that I am surprised that in these apocolyptic "recessionary... times" that budget airlines are reacting in the way that they are. A quick browse of the business pages will tell you all about how airlines plan on cutting costs, eliminating unprofitable routes, cutting out the frills and also grounding planes during the winter months etc... This is all wrong.

What they need to do is cut fuel costs, my somewhat controversial suggestion is that they just don't let their more husky customers on board... I said it was controversial, but hey, we have an environment to go saving AND costs to cut.
However, in all seriousness if an airline lowered the weight of its average passenger, through enforcing restrictions, by say 7kg (just a bit more than a stone), and assuming a plane holds 200 passengers that would mean having 1400kgs less to be lugging through the air. This is not only alot of saved fuel, but also means that certain customers wont be taking up one and a half seats... bad personal experience here

If car insurance companies can have women only clientele, surely airlines can have fit passengers only...

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