Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One man's rubbish...

On one of my many long rambles around Toronto I went to a nice little place called Ireland Park down by Lake Ontario where I bumped into a pretty cool guy by the name of James. This nice fellow had possibly the best (may be exaggerating here) business idea ever.

It seems that when some people need to move house or liquidate an inherited house, that they are just too busy/lazy/distraught to sort through the bits and pieces throughout the house that have been accumulated over a lifetime and, well, just pay someone to come in and get rid of them, that's where James and his buddy come in.

The beauty of such an arrangement is that not only do they charge people for extracting the materials in question... but then proceed to sell anything on that could be of value rather than just dump it! This means that not only do they get even more money out of the job, but also reduce the costs that incur from dumping charges.

the example he gave me was of a home he recently "cleaned up on" where he found a rifle from the US Civil was which sold for $4,000... not too shabby to say the least.

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