Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aer Lingus Rant Continued

I mentioned previously here that I would continue my rant on Aer Lingus, so I will.

I have been searching around for a particular few lines that I read not too long ago in a George Orwell book that reminded me of the Aer Lingus situation. Unfortunately I never found the lines but I remember what the jist of the matter was.

It was referencing his time in Spain where he fought in the civil war, here he witnessed in-fighting on the side he was fighting for just at a crucial time, I believe he compared it to starting a civil war when the murderous enemy is knocking at the city gates... not the best timing.

I like to think that this is what is happening with Aer Lingus, with the unionised staff provoking the civil war. Given that the staff appear to be vowing to fight all cutbacks and layoffs survival is looking very slim... are they really so foolish as to want to stop all changes? Option A: Some people get cut, working conditions change - Option B: Stay the same and everyone loses their job (perhaps an odd show of solidarity?) - Those are pretty much the two option Aer Lingus have... do they really want to commit industrial suicide?

Madness I tells ya.

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Manuel said...

That wasn't a rant, more an afterthought of a rant! Also, objectively it does make a whole lot of sense, but if you're one of the workers who faces the uncertainty of potentially getting laid off (and you've a mortgage, family, bills etc) simply saying sure we'll leave it and only some of us will get fired, probably not such a simple choice. As for the end result of everyone getting laid off, yes the Aer Lingus situation seems dire but as a union, you always ask for the extreme (i.e. no changes whatsoever) in the hopes of settling for something midway. So solidarity is really all they have. Methinks.