Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tampa Bay - Mugshot hell

It's bad enough that a search of your name on Google can throw up all sorts of unwanted bits and pieces from your past and present, from dodgy photos on your social network site to silly things you might have written about on your blog... but it can be much worse if you live in Florida. Seems in Tampa Bay, Florida, the St. Petersburg Times have teamed up with the local Sheriffs office to produce a fine website called , where as the name suggests, they post up mugshots of the most recent criminals booked into their police stations.

Quite humorously you can even browse criminals by all sorts of metrics: weight, eye colour, height and age. The screenshot below shows "Shakara Tabira Waters", who turned up under my "300 pounds or more" search... It becomes even funnier when you realise he crime was... Food stamp fraud.

Great site! and I would say that for some people who would consider undertaking small crimes this may be somewhat of a deterrent


bigmentaldisease said...

I'm going to look for someone with a mental age of 12 who's going to the electric chair for untied shoelaces

Manuel said...

just awesome