Monday, June 1, 2009

Canada logo - too boring for comfort

If you know me to any extent at all I am sure you know that I am a huge fan of all things Canadian. Having been there several times over the past few years I have a real liking for the place and I most certainly intend on returning to Canada in the near future.

However I do have one, albeit petty, gripe with the Canada, one thing I cant get out of my mind is how poor the Canada "logo" is, this "wordmark" accompanies all government documents, buildings etc. and is just... well... very boring. Behold the Canada logo in all its boringness:
According to Wikipedia: "Established in 1980, the Canada wordmark is essentially a logo for the government of Canada: it consists of the word "Canada" written in a serif font, a modified version of Baskerville, with a Canadian flag over the final 'a'"

I have to say, if first impressions are worth anything, this logo does not do a whole lot to allay the false conceptions that peoples have about Canada, primarily that it is the boring version of the USA, which it is most certainly not.

I suppose its a silly complaint to have, but the Canadian government should consider coming up with a logo that represents their country in a more exciting light than "we are slightly more exciting than times new roman".

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