Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama and expectations

Tuesday marks the inauguration of President Barack Obama, I must say I am quite excited about this, and I think it marks the end of the frankly ridiculous 2-term reign of George W. Bush. However I think that the expectations that come with the Obama administration may prove to be troublesome

I have long been a believer that expectation management is extremely important, the Obama campaign was undoubtedly successful but has whipped the US population, and the majority of the world into a complete Obama-frenzy, with expectations of his performance in office being sky high.

Barack Obama is inheriting a number of extremely challenging issues, most of which are unlikely to be solved in the first year or two. I believe Obama is going to do a great job, and will probably find it easy to do as well as his predecessor, however this will not be good enough, if Obama does not live up to the world-changing expectations set out by his campaign and supporters, he may be remembered as the President who could only talk the talk.

Congrats to Mr. Obama, and good luck, you'll need it...