Friday, January 9, 2009

Fed-Ex tracking - I'm Impressed

I am generally not overly impressed by many things...

For instance I am un-impressed with the idea of paying extortionate fees for a concert ticket from online ticket scalpers, which unfortunatly I had to do this week. I paid roughly double the face value of a ticket for a Roger Hodgson concert in Niagara Falls in March (which I am a little peeved about, but then again I now get to see the main singer for Supertramp, and I got a front row seat!), from a Toronto based "ticket broker".

I was a bit unsure of how long it owuld take to deliver a ticket from Toronto to Dublin and was a bit surprised and IMPRESSED (thats rare) by the whole affair.

The thing that impressed me most was the Fed-Ex package tracking service that you can get online, from the time Fed-Ex picked up the ticket from the seller in Toronto I was able to follow its progress at every stop it made along the way. Whats more is the whole transaction, door to door, took around 36 hours, which again I must admit impresses me (although I did have to pay about €20 for the pleasure).

Seeing as I am in such a state of joy at receiving my ticket for the concert I have drawn up a little graph to show its progress through the various stops it made en route to my hand: