Saturday, December 27, 2008

Guest poster - "Jo"

I am happy to announce that my good German friend Jo will be contributing a few guest posts on this little blog of mine. I had the pleasure of sharing my final year of marketing with Jo and he taught me a thing or two about work ethic and ways of analysing situations. Jo shares some of my pet peeves and odd obsessions so I see his posts as being a good fit for the blog.
Introducing Jo:

Let me say HI first and briefly introduce myself. Most people call me Jo (short for my long full German name Johannes) and I got to know and work with Ed while I did two exchange semesters at UCD. I am really thrilled to write a little guest entry for Ed’s blog and the two of us hope to make this somewhat regular… I am studying business administration and economics with specializations in marketing and services management. At the moment I am working with a consultancy with a focus on marketing and strategy in Luxembourg.