Thursday, November 27, 2008

Handshake? no need! - A George Bush guide

Rowan over at the Fortify Services blog wrote a little bit recently about the importance of handshakes, he referenced a quote from the one and only Donald Trump who "poo-poos" the handshake altogether
"I think that the only thing better than a good handshake is no handshake at all."
If the Trump man is true then former President George Bush has mastered that tactic, watch the video below and marvel at his ability to break free from that pesky norm of shaking hands with other national leaders.
*he does seem kind of sad, as the news anchor says, almost like the kid who no-one will play with.


Joe said...

Hey Ed,

just browsed through your recent posts at lunch time. Really good stuff there, I had a wonderful laugh about the "golf sale" and "price of admission".
How are things in general, we need to touch base.

Take care and talk soon


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