Saturday, May 24, 2008

Silly Coins: Cool but too big

While at my friends house during the week I noticed that he had somehow become the proud owner of both €10 and €20 COINS.

The €10 coin is about the size of a regular five cent coin and the €20 euro coin is about the size of a 1 cent coin (aka teeny tiny), however is it extremely cool due to that fact its made of 99.99% pure gold!

I did actually find these coins pretty cool until I had a little gander on Wikipedia and found that Austria have beaten us to the "novelty coin crown", it seems that last year the Austrian mint unleashed fifteen €100,000 coins upon the world... The picture below displays its true absurdity.


barra said...

can you imagine how anrgy you would be if you lost a E20 coin?

ed said...

To be honest I would be more peeved if I lost the €100,000 coin! althogh that could prove much harder to do...