Friday, February 29, 2008

When Ed met Guy: Guy Kawasaki comes to Ireland

I have to say that this week has been pretty interesting for me, firstly I had my first proper interview of the year, and secondly through somewhat covert operations I got to meet one of my all time business/blogging heroes in person.

There were a few blogs that I read prior to setting up cube that certainly influenced my desire to start up my own little piece of web real-estate just over a year ago. One of them was Rowan Manahan’s Fortify your oasis, another was Seth Godins blog and the last but not least was Guy Kawasaki’s "How to change the world" blog. Seeing as I have had the fortune of regular contact with Mr Manahan, the latter two influences were still on my “list” to see in the near future, however the likelihood of such meetings were low seeing as they are incredibly busy men and based across the Atlantic ocean.

I read somewhere on the web about a month ago that Guy Kawasaki would be attending the Irish Software Association conference at the end of February, which would be taking place in my college! For about 30 seconds things were looking up, however a quick consultation of the ISA website told me that tickets to the event would set me back in the region of €300… and furthermore I was then later scheduled for an interview about 10 miles away at the same time as he would be talking… things were not looking good.

Shortly after my interview I received a text message from Rowan, who was at the conference, informing me of a Q&A session that would be starting an hour later involving Mr. Kawasaki and other notable speakers, so I thought I would take my chances, hopped on a bus and headed out to the venue.

Guy Kawasaki was one of the key people behind the at times unlikely success of Apple Computer (which along with Starbucks hold somewhat of an obsessive position in my heart) which he maintains should have gone bust on at least ten occasions during his time there. The so called “Apple evangelist” is currently CEO of Garage Technology Ventures, a venture capital company, author of many best selling business books such as “The Art of the Start” and "Rules for Revolutionaries" AND writer to the whole blogospheres 53rd most popular blog. Understandably I REALLY wanted to meet him.

I have always maintained that the back door is the only door, and once again this rang true… A few minute and a fire exit later I was soon sat in the very front row of the Q&A watching Mr. “Art of the Start” himself.
The session was great and Guy provided us with many witty nuggets of information. After the Q&A, thanks to Rowan’s previous contact with Guy, I was able to meet the main man himself and pause for a few words, handshake and photo! Brilliant day all around, and once again many thanks to Sir Rowan of Manahan for letting me know of the event.


Piaras said...

I obviously sound like a complete nerd, but that's cool you got to meet him.

I know I'm getting old when the people I get excited about meeting aren't rock stars or soccer players. My last "mark out" moment was when I met Nicolas Carr two years ago.

jedimasterbooboo said...

I bet he's married.

Don't know why I just said that...carry on...

ed said...

Yeh he was actually over in Ireland celebrating his 20th wedding anniversary, so I guess you are right...