Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kazakhstan Business School = Crazy

Browsing through the website of the Kazakhstan based "KIMEP" business school (who I will be competing against in April) I realised that my business school is quite a mundane place.
In a letter to all students and faculty the Dean of business explains some recent "mishaps" at their university, it would be waaaaaay more fun to go there!
Accorsing to the Dean:

  • The faculty who departed did so for various reasons: One was asked to leave after becoming involved in a physical fight with the Dean of his College in front of students. Both parties were asked to leave
  • Another was asked to leave after repeated acts of gross incompetence and unprofessionalism
  • Another was asked to leave after becoming involved in feuds, including death threats, with various other faculty which were undermining the integrity of the university.
  • One resigned after being accused of sexual harassment by a student. The faculty member was disciplined following an investigation. The person resigned because he was unhappy with the outcome.
  • The last left after seven months to a much higher paid job in the USA. In doing their contract with KIMEP was broken.

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