Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Excuses, excuses

This Monday was the due date for my (and other final year students) class's first assignment to be presented and handed up in written form. Well Monday came, and so did the excuses thick and heavy. Students struck down by the bubonic plague, broken arms, exploding computers/printers or both, any excuse will do it seems.

The coordinator of the module is a veteran of third level teaching and intends on failing most of these people if their reason doesn’t seem valid, but it was fun seeing the look on his face as we listed off our students’ excuses, the same ones he has heard every year, without fail.

My personal favourite was the excuse (or genuinely hilarious story) of a student in my friend Stephanie's class.
The person in question works at a late night petrol station.
Due to the fact there were no customers he was doing laps of the forecourt in his car to "practice driving".
Upon arrival of a customer he got out of the car, left it running, and went to take care of the customer.
When he returned to his car, he noticed that it was GONE, and of course, his laptop was also in the car...


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