Friday, February 29, 2008

Ed The Album revisited

In 2004/5 when I used to have more than enough spare time on my hands me and my friends decided, like all kids do, that prank calling people would be a real hoot. So we looked through our phonebooks for the most gullible people we knew (you might know who you are) and set about calling them. We came up with the idea of a fake radio station called “86.2 rock and roll” and I was the DJ “Mark Malloy” with Luke from being the sound man. Eventually my calls developed a bit of a reputation and people were asking me for them on cd.

So at the age of 17 my first “business venture” was selling my music to the masses (St. Andrews College). I printed up CD covers, bought some cds and boxes and went around the school between classes selling them for €5 each (see comical advert above). To my surprise I ended up selling about 40 copies, and I think some people might have pirated my tracks and sent them on to friends… I am still seeking legal advice on this…

That was a long time ago, however in the last 2 months I have had about 8 people come up to me at different times and tell me how they were listening to my tracks again and how great they were etc, seems there is some sort of odd time lag with people’s appreciation levels. SOOOO long story short I told Luke to put them up on his ever so wonderful site, well worth a visit if you want to have a listen to the calls that have made me very slightly famous!
Listen to them here - For some reason you need to click the "refresh" button once you click through!


Anonymous said... worth a visit for ed's prank calls.

that is all.

jedimasterbooboo said...

lol, omg is that you in a cowboy hat in front of the US flag? I peed myself. (If that's not you, I didn't). Hey, am I not going to understand a word of it? Are you talking in a funny Irish accent???

jedimasterbooboo said...

The links aren't working for me, and I realize that might not be you in the hat after all, my whole day is shot. Luck of the Irish, my ass. Gimmie a working link !

jedimasterbooboo said...

Oh, I just was able to get it to work. Those are great, you guys are so funny. Really good. Sunny Delight.