Monday, January 7, 2008

Canadian Santa not as polite as elsewhere

Supervision of staff can be a difficult and at times impossible activity especially when they know they can't get caught. I remember during stockroom duties on one of my many stint at Marks&Spencer that staff would regularly come down to the stockroom, open up a packet of biscuits, crisps etc and start munching away at them to my disbelief. However at the end of the day they knew that nobody would be able to prove it was them and if anyone was going to get the blame it was going to be me the stockroom worker.

Over Christmas my internet addicted other uncovered a news story from Canada that reminded me of the staff misbehaviour during my M&S days. I have fond memories of the service that the Irish postal service used to have (and may still do) which took the form of a special letter delivery to Santa, in the run up to Christmas children could send off their wish list to “Santa Claus” and this would be delivered to some central post office in the city and a week or two they would receive a letter (albeit mass produced) through their door from Santa Claus, much to the hysteric delight of any children in sight.

It seems the Canadian Postal Service run a similar service however with slight less well behaved staff in charge of the programme. This Christmas there have been several incidents reported of foul mouthed replies to young children from a seemingly disgruntled Mr. Claus. One Canadian mother recalled how she told her daughter “There's a letter from Santa just for you, let's read it” only to find that Santa had determined that "This letter is too long, you dumb shit." Another offbeat Christmas message received by another unfortunate child read “Your mom sucks d*** and your Dad is gay."
The postal service advised that parents “Open your childrens' letters first”

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