Saturday, January 5, 2008

Apple don't like advice, girl cries

Taken from the Fortune website:

Nine-year-old Shea O'Gorman sends a letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs suggesting ideas for improving her beloved iPod Nano, including adding onscreen lyrics so people can sing along. She gets back a letter from Apple's legal counsel stating that the company doesn't accept unsolicited ideas and telling her not to send in any more suggestions.

Now I know usually only have praise for the guys and gals up in Apple HQ, but this to me is an absurd action to take for a couple of reasons.

I understand that it was probably not a specific response to the girl in question and more of a general “cease and desist” they send out to people, but this is bad marketing, and aided by the internet, very PUBLIC bad marketing.
Secondly, since when it is wise to turn away advice, especially when it is from your customers, and they are telling you what they would like on the next product that they would like to buy from you. “Grassroots R&D” has been instrumental to the success of many a company, and allowed companies to know exactly what their customers want rather than just guess. Actions like this will ensure that customers stay far away, don't share their ideas FOR FREE and stay uninvolved in the whole process... not good.
Poor show Apple.


ben said...

where do you even find these stories??

ed said...

Off the Fortune business magazine website.