Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ron Paul - U.S. foreign policy

Now I may not be American and I know it will not be my choice who is or is not the next president, but I am very impressed with potential candidate Ron Paul. I love the way he is not afraid to go against the grain and talk honestly about his views without reluctance or fear. Having given the Republican debate on youtube a quick glance it seems to me that the other candidates are effectively clones who base their entire argument (and avoid some questions by hiding behind) around the war on terror.

"Right now we are building an American embassy in Iraq that is bigger than the Vatican, we're building 14 permanent bases, what would we say here if China were doing this in our country or the gulf of Mexico? we need to look at what we do from the perspective of what would happen if somebody did it to us"


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thanks for the heads up, even spell checker couldnt help me on that one... stupid unreliable brain

jedimasterbooboo said...

Love your blog, still.

What's great is the You Tube with Fox news debate and Sean Hannity saying that ron paul lost, and then survey said...AHEAD! I HATE SEAN HANNITY. That's a funny clip, you shoud go watch that, FOX was bent on making Ron Paul look like some left wing cookoo.

James said...

I AM an American and I, too, am impressed by Ron Paul's honesty and conviction. Dr. Paul is not only against this particular war, though - he proposes to drastically reduce America's global military presence as well as economic aid, as both are being financed with credit it does not deserve.