Saturday, December 8, 2007

Robot can play violin, is POINTLESS

I saw this robot on tv the other day and it caused me to throw a mini hissy fit. This robot can play the violin, and seemingly quite well but… who cares. Projects like this and the walking robot ASIMO, both developed by Toyota are interesting pieces that have taken decades of development, however are completely pointless.

I can understand that they want to make these robots as human-like as possible, possibly in some attempt to live up to 1930’s dreams of having robot butlers and hover cars, but in a time where running out of fuel sources in the not too distant future is a reality and carbon emissions are getting out of control, should our top scientists and engineers be focusing their efforts on robots capable of reciting the composer Elgar's “Pomp and Circumstance” ?

Rather than trying to create humanesque robots maybe they should start at the basics. I saw Trevor Baylis on tv last night, he is the inventor of the clockwork radio, a device that is powered by a crank wound by the listener, 30 seconds of winding results in about 10 mins of radio. He has also invented the electric shoe, which stores energy created by every step an individual takes and is enough to charge a fairly substantial battery. Both very simple but very effective inventions.

I think its high time for engineers to go back to basics and do things that solve our very real problems rather than waste countless millions on trying to make a robot walk on two feet.

Check out the vid of this POINTLESS creation


Ben K said...

HAHAHAHAHA, that is some funny shit. ROBOT PLAYS VIOLIN! what next??!?!

Barra said...

its a robot so im guessing its japanese. I dont see any reason why a japanese robot should 1. be playing that song and 2. since they havent perfected balance in robots it should have fallen over.

steve jobs said...

people like you moaned as billions of todays money was sunk into developing figter jets in world war 2 - new alloys had to be invented capable of taking the vast heat created by a jet - people complained then - then happily flew commerical jets to sunny destinations through out their retirement.

technology has infinatly more implications and applications then are immediatly apparant.

perhaps you should look beyond the simple "sci fi" fearing sides of your persona and read up on these "pointless" inventions - im sure the useless technology created for asimo such as enviromental, sound, posture, and facial recodnition has no possible use beyond its current iteration.

boo ya

ed said...

I guess my major qualm with the creation of human-esque robots is more that there are significantly more important things at this very time to put money and most importantly r&d time and resources into.
With our oil burning ways coming back to haunt us, and significant emission cuts needed to save the world from severe problems, it seems silly that engineers, scientists etc would spend decades on how to mimic human walking patterns in a robot.

So yeh some sweet stuff might come out of this, and we can enjoy it all... under water

luke the enviroment hater said...

mr jobs makes a keen arguement.

but dear Ed.

i see it this way - if the world truely was hurtling towards a severe crisis, scientists would all soley be working towards countering it, but scientists (in their millions) are all individuals working in relative fields they're all personally drawn to.

is it truely fair to level your anxieties with the fossil fuel crisis on the technicians developing robotics?

its rather like complaining to a meat farmer when your vegtables are bad.

enviromentalists strike a sour note with me, indeed anyone who uses the word "mentalist" some where in discribing themselves, even if they put the word fun in there some how doesn't exactly strike me as a group to pay too much attention to.

ed said...

Well i think its fairly acknowledged that we are hurtling towards a crisis, and your example of the farmer is almost relevant.
It would be like running out of vegetables while other farmers use their fields time and money to create the finest steaks on the market.

I understand toyota can spend their money how ever they want to, but I personally find it distinctly distasteful to proceed in perfecting muscial genius robots while the resources could be used for more pressing issues such as removing petrol cars from our roads at a faster rate than they are.

jedimasterbooboo said...

Well I assumed it was a big deal because of the programming of the moves of the thing. Programming things to move a certain way certainly has implications and transfer-ability. This is just a vivid demonstration of programming capabilities. Programming precision is a big deal, right? I don't know, but these comments are funny.

David said...

"It would be like running out of vegetables while other farmers use their fields time and money to create the finest steaks on the market."

Tut tut... only a former vegie lover could presume this to be a bad thing.

Global warming is just gods way of saying "you guys don't have enough steaks. I'll turn up the temperature and you can get your gas-guzzling bbq's rockin"


ed said...

Bravo on bbq comment :)

Brian said...

lots of tit tat about robzoids on wiki actually.. including some seeminly rational and somewhat reasonable reasons to put a pence towards its research.... grinch

Luke Leslie said...

that one was me, brian was using my computer for mass fappage again...

does he even use blogger?