Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Recruitin' Season

Well it’s officially “recruitin’ season” in the college around the country and having worked at the career fair in UCD I noticed a fact that I find quite silly indeed.
Most of these self proclaimed “high performance” companies who profess only hiring the best brightest candidates that are a PERFECT fit for their job end up using completely unsuitable people to do the recruiting itself.
One example that shot me in the face (due to personal proximity to the industry) is that of consultancy. Nearly all of the people who do the recruitment for these companies are not consultants themselves and never have been, and this is not an exceptional circumstance. End situation is you have for example “people” people hiring “finance” people without knowing what type of person you need to be to do well in that job… therefore how can you say that you are recruiting people suitable for the job when YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THE JOB ACTUALLY REQUIRES?
Madness I tells ya…Madness.

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yeboah21 said...

shoulda done an arts degree the shuntya!