Monday, December 10, 2007


I think it was when I read on the front page of the Sunday Independent that news about Katy French, the recently deceased Irish model, would be taking up page 1,2,3,24,25,26,27,36 AND 40 that I realised this week must have been VERY light on news.

This week has made me lose any respect for Irish newspapers I had left in my grumpy old brain. Earlier in the week news of the 24 year olds death took up the first three pages of the Irish Independent… THREE pages, surely something more important has happened in the world than the death of a semi famous Irish supermodel.
I understand that people are interested in the story, but surely somewhere down the line the newspaper had to decide it has a responsibility to tell stories of importance at the same time.

Today’s Sunday Indo dedicated such a large portion of its pages and contributers to this story it just shocked me, shocked me more than Sky NEWS, winning news channel of the year.
The Indo also gives generous amounts of page space to Brendan O’Connor who talks of the unfair plight of the model, and worst of all columnist Antonia Leslie who gleefully compares herself to the troubled actress informing us of times “Long after I left heroin behind me” instead opting for “weekends totally loved up on ecstasy, hovering cocaine while drinking litres of neat tequila” and how this compared to the model who is rumoured to have taken cocaine. Worst of all is the paper’s attempts to convince us of the martyrdom of Katy French and how she died for some sort of anti-drug cause

I hope to god the newspapers, in particular the Irish Independent, get their act together and start telling the news.


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ed said...


Barra said...

crescenet makes a good point, if only i could understand it.
I actually hadnt a clue who katy french was. i had literally never heard her name. Ppl were saying to me that "she's only the most famous irish super model!".

what a load of crap, I pride myself on being up to speed with the times, particularly small areas of the fashion industry, and i was shocked that she had slipped though my net.
Caroline Morahan and Glenda Gilson are the major fashion models in ireland, they are constantly in the news.
I refuse to believe that she was our top model, and dying stupidly of a cocaine overdose certainly put her on the map. I also noticed that most of the Irish papers had pages and pages about it. they even dug up some old facts about cocaine like they were waiting in dusty cabinet somewhere.
Very slow week for news indeed.

ed said...

Yeh i also have issue with the celebity-isation of people who are, even in the european scale.. nobodies.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with said post by Crescenet.
ED, Stop reading the rag indo or it's trailer trash sister the sunday indo. They are both rags that pride themselves on not being so.
They are purchased by middleclass people who feel that they are morally above the redtop papers but are too embarressed to buy them.
be a good boy and start reading the Irish times or the guardian newspaper and just acknowledge that sunday papers are shit in nature and you will not be too bothered with over-saturated news stories.

jedimasterbooboo said...

ed...I got the same spam from crescenet. Funny. Of course, most of us are fluent in Portuguese. But really...

David said...

Yeh Ed you're right. The over reaction has been ridiculous. Did anyone read the absolutely sickening drivel written by john waters in the irish times last week?

heres a copy of what he wrote:

ed said...

There you go mr "anonymous" (champagne like individual) the times are at it too, but with more drivel as armours aptly put it.

"Katy was the daughter of our dreams"

Must be joking

David said...

ehhh not really sure why the link didnt show properly: hopefully, here is the right link:

David said...

damn it! here it is, split in 2 then:

Barra said...

That was ridiculous. was that meant to be a poem or a news article? i wish the media would stop making her out to be some angel who was attacked by cocaine. it was her own fault, its anybodys own fault when they knowingly out themselves in harms way and something bad happens. so dont be making excuses for them.
im not going to get into the fine details over which newspaper is better, im just sick of them all reporting on the same useless shit.
P.S, i still have yet to see a picture of this "Katy", i glanced at one of the newspapers 4 days after she died (she was on the front...and most of the pages after it), she left no impression on me so i dont remember what she looked like.