Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I read the following piece in the Irish Times Education section last week and was a little surprised.

“Given that the majority of applicants selecting choices through the CAO process need not concern themselves with a specific career choice, what should be the criteria governing their choices?"

To be honest, a large part of me agrees that college courses should not be chosen solely on the basis of what jobs lead from it, but to say that students "need not concern themselves" with such issues just seems somewhat negligent, especially coming from the President of the Institute of Guidance Councillors, I thought it was the job of guidance councillors to get you thinking about stuff like this?

Getting a job after college is the reality of the situation, and although a student can have an equal or greater college experience studying for the sake of studying, it seems a bit silly to advice students to not even bare this in mind.


Piaras said...

In his defence, I choose to study a BA in Computer Science in UCD as opposed to straight Arts because of how well the computer industry was doing. However after first year the bubble burst. Not only that but I quickly discovered that I didn't want to pursue a career in IT. I should have stuck with a pure Arts degree.

The thing about your undergrad these days is that you should base your choice on what opportunities it will open up for you in later life. For example, a lot of people with Science degrees are opting to pursue Finance degrees.

yeboah21 said...

I had absolutely no regard for career when choosing my college course, and this remains the case.

ed said...

Thats fine and its waht worked for you, but i just have issue with the "need not concern" bit of the statement, it may not be the reason you choose a course but it is one of many things that you should be "concerned with"

jedimasterbooboo said...

WWSJ say?

What would Steve Jobs say? Come now ed, are you straying a bit from the Jobs orthodoxy?

Remember he sat in on that calligraphy class after he dropped out.

Many, many many South Korean students (they tell me) know that their future job will not have thing one to do with their major.

ed said...

still should be considered