Monday, February 26, 2007

Save the internet

Using the printing press people started to publish their thought and ideas about 600 years ago, this was the first major explosion of sharing of thoughts and ideas and has taken the world to where it is today, however within a reasonably short amount of time, the boom, was over. Sure publishing still existed, and in terms of volume it was greater than ever, the difference? Publishing was not done by the humble printing press anymore, and cost of entry were so high that the entire market for publishing print was controlled by a select few major players. This meant that the stream of ideas, thoughts and opinions was a one way process and was heavily controlled by the interests of those major players.
If we look back to the 1920s we see another explosion. This was the golden age of the radio where thousands of users would broadcast their own shows and could access large numbers of people instantly and led to a resurgence of communication. But this was not to last very long and the US government brought in regulations, that at the end of the day left a situation where only the big stations could afford the license to continue broadcasting.
The pattern we see here is a change that makes contribution very easy and a boom of involvement that follows this….and then, it gets locked up, sold off, and turned into a one way street.
Blogging and user generated videos are the new printing press, the new radio, never before has there been access to such a global audience at the click of a few buttons, however it appears history may be repeating itself. The telecommunications companies in the US have decided that the copper wires in the ground and the service they provide, means that the Internet belongs to…them, and they have the right to make the rules that should control the net. Now this poses a problem, a major problem. The likely scenario is if they own the net, they are going to try and sell it off to the highest bidder, dispensing with the little guys, the blogger, me and you.
I suggest you go to this site and have a look around and at least sign this petition It is in everyone’s interest that the net remains as neutral as is possible and is not converted into a toll road. The Internet is changing the world, lets not stop it.

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Anonymous said...

The purpose of non neutrality is not to charge users more for certain content, it is to give certain content a hight priority on the network. This is done to prevent network congestion.

If there are laws in place to prevent ISPs discrimating against certain content, then this will not be a problem. People will still be able to read your blog but it will have a lower priority than content from Youtube for example.

Kev said...

The last post was me BTW.

Also if a company was to block or charge for certain content, people would simply switch to a different ISP. Theres plenty in plenty in Ireland so it wouldnt be a problem.