Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A thousand words?

"A picture tells a thousand words"

I believe that to be very true. I was watching a presentation by Seth Godin (my hero) last wekk and he put up the above slide to describe the differences between competitors in the motor industry. Two circles... and that was it, the entire slide consisted of two circles.
The traditional method of "presenting" utilised by people and encouraged by the powerpoint interface, is to use bullet points and invariably to fill the slide with endless reams of text, that the person proceeds to simply read aloud while looking at the screen.
The slide actually showed an important fact too, the small circle showed the amount per car revenue (the white screen) was spent by Mercedes on advertising, because the car is aimed at a specific group and is an exeptional car that really sells itself. The great big grey circle is the amount of advertising per car that Ford spend. Because they have to sell average cars to average people they have to spend alot of money on letting people know that their new "fiesta" has hit the streets, so to avoid huge costs you try to make your product, rather than advertising budget, exeptional.

The main point im trying to put forward is, using images like the above give scope for a more engaging presentation where you tell stories rather than repeat out bullet points.
Remember, its a presentation not a recital, the information needs to be in your head rather than on the screen

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