Friday, February 16, 2007

Phone Love

I love my iPod, i love it ALOT, and were i in a situation where my house was on fire and i needed to take a few things with me, the ipod and my brother would be high on the list. Other people love their phones and couldnt do without them, like the gentleman i will tell you about.

A polish student, studying English in Pennsylvania was recently visiting Niagra falls, strolling along while talking to his friend, his phone fell down onto some trecherous hilly land off the main trail, so, being smart person, he decided he should go after it.

Waldek Kubicki ended up slipping on the snowy rocks and ended up sliding over 200 ft towards the BIG drop, and a seeming definate death, but stopped 50ft short, where he had to wait for 45mins to be rescued by helicopter. All i want to know is what type of phone is worth risking a life for...I want it.

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Ambrand Dot Com said...

A prototype of the iPhone?