Friday, February 2, 2007

"The incident" - Summer 2005

I found this saved on my computer today, must have been talking to someone on msn and saved this for some reason but its worth a good read.It is the feel good story of an adventure had by me and macka, after this we proceeded to laugh for about an hour and a half non stop, much to the dismay of a tired chilean national.

we had just been at the euro shot bar
where its one euro per shot of
pretty good really
me and macka decided to leave a bit
earlier so
we left but almunecar town center is very maze like
and they are all
just white washed buildings
so ur like eh
hmm which way so we
chose a direction and started goin
and the we went up the steepest street
since sliced bread
it was unusually steep
and macka in his state
grabbed onto the nearest object of assistance
which happened to be a
moped on its little shitty standing leg
it proceeded to fall over and
tumble down the hill a bit and then ALOT

so we were like OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO shit
lets run
so we just kep on runnin
and then we got home
and i opened up the door
of the aprtment block
and macka said
we better be quiet homes
and with that the door absolutely clattered shut

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Macka said...

haha my one of my "finest" hours