Saturday, February 3, 2007

Employment Issues

"The Southside LES is a free, confidential and personal service for
long-term unemployed people and those in danger of becoming long-term unemployed"
I get the bus to UCD every day from monkstown farm. Every day i see the local "southside employment office" open shop at 9am, however i am yet to actually see anyone in there at all.I wondered why this was and then realised, the place CLOSES AT 1PM! I am not homeless, or long term unemployed (i think?), yet i find it hard to get out of bed before 1.
If they are trying to provide a public service and get people back into the workforce they are not really doing their job, opening at such restricted hours is not going to work, however if the Co Council is trying to set up a token symbol to give the illusion of caring they have succeeded.

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