Monday, February 19, 2007

Bad Presenting

Presenting, for many people, places above spiders and tinkers on the all time fear list. To present well and effectivly you must practice and learn from the mistakes of the past. I had a presentation today that will decide whether I get to go to Canada to compete for UCD, i probably went over my piece (under 3 minutes) about 40 or 50 times to get it perfect, but most people do not do this.

In Rowan Manahans blog, he talks about the qualities (or not) of terrible presenters, and usually even the best suffer from one of the below, Rowan writes


Just in case there’s anyone who doubts your ineptitude, indolence, ignorance and supercilious nature, make sure you include the following elements in your next presentation:

  1. Ass Narcissism - "I’m just going to turn my back on you now and read all my slides off the screen. Enjoy the view!"
  2. Tolstoy wannabe - "I know that I can fit the entire text of War & Peace onto the next three slides. Thank God for sub-bullets!"
  3. Myopia - these presenters literally cannot see beyond the end of their nose
    and so fail to notice that their audience is either asleep or has gone home.
    Tunnel vision - those who can see only the one person in the audience who is
    smiling and nodding out of sympathy, not the other 99 who have fallen
    asleep/gone home.
  4. "I'm Eclipse Boy!" - "There must be some moth in my
    genetic heritage; but you can read the slide off my chest can’t you?"
  5. Hypoempathy - presenters who use the phrase, “Now this is a very important
    point” more than once never ask themselves the essential question - important to who?
  6. "Gotta sing, gotta dance" - "Sure, this topic could have been covered
    in an email, but what can I say? I just loooove being bathed in the glow of the
    data projector."
  7. Slide amnesia - a subset of Ass Narcissism, when the presenter seems surprised that a certain slide has popped up on screen and is forced to read it out word for word …
  8. Dispunctional - the presenter has no concept of time and is eating into the next presenter's slot or, worse yet, into coffee break.
  9. Complarrogance - a rare condition, characterised by all of the
    above symptoms.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if he got it...

Rowan Manahan said...

Please tell me you won, please tell me you won, please tell me you won ...

ed said...

yep i was ze winner! pretty sweet really, cant wait till canada time!